Installation Instructions for v0.3.0

The instructions for the latest version are here


Installing from sources

Before extraction, make sure you have the GIMP headers (version 2.2.13 or later) properly installed (and also the perl XML parser and gettext).

When you have the headers, extract the downloaded file

tar -vxzf gimp-lqr-plugin_X.Y.Z-T.tar.gz

where you will substitute what's appropriate for X.Y.Z-T.
This will create a directory called gimp-lqr-plugin_X.Y.Z, enter into it and issue
./configure && make && sudo make install

The last step requires that you have administrative privileges on your computer.

That's all. You will find the plugin under the Layer menu the next time you restart GIMP.


Just go back to the plugin directory and issue

sudo make uninstall

Mac OS X

Installing GIMP and required dependencies

To install the liquid rescale plugin, you will have to install from the macports package distribution system as well as the provided on OS X installation CDs (or XDarwin).

There are two reasons for that:

  1. the project DMG distribution doesn't provide all the required headers etc… to compile the plugin,
  2. Fink gimp version is outdated and only macports provides a Gimp version that is compatible with this plugin.

Once you have installed macports, install the gimp and gimp-app port:

sudo port install gimp gimp-app

You might have errors during this process, and will have to force the activation of perl related ports:
sudo port activate -f p5-pathtools
sudo port activate -f p5-getopt-long

and then relaunch the gimp port installation.

Compile and Install the plugin

You can now compile the plugin from source:

  • extract the source archive
tar -vxzf gimp-lqr-plugin_X.Y.Z.tar.gz
  • go into the decompressed directory
  • on the command line, configure the compilation with:
./configure --prefix=/opt/local

To install version 0.3.0, you have to edit manually a file before compiling. Edit the po/Makefile with a text editor and find the lines 47 to 49 that should be:


and replace them with:

You can now compile with:

sudo make install

The plugin will be installed and you can use it from /Applications/MacPorts/, under the Layer menu.


Installing from the compressed archive

You need the 7-Zip archive manager.

Extract the files, with their full directory structure, into the main GIMP directory, usually it is under C:\Programs\GIMP-X.Y, and you will see the plugin under the Layer menu next time you restart GIMP

Users of PortableApps

If you have GIMP installed through PortableApps, you need a GIMP 2.4 local installation, and the new gtk-libs.

If you have the older version, just copy the following new libraries into the portable gtk:

  • libgimp-2.0.0.dll
  • libgmodule-2.0.0.dll
  • libgobject-2.0.0.dll
  • libgthread-2.0.0.dll

The plugin installation procedure should then work.

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