Code hosting moved to GitHub
01 Jul 2014 06:01

New release 0.7.2 removes some annoying warnings (Minimum GIMP version required is now 2.8)
05 Aug 2013 13:24

New release 0.7.1 fixes a bug under Windows no need to update for Linux/OS X users
06 Jun 2010 00:37

New video tutorials learn how to use the version 0.7 of the plugin
25 May 2010 01:32

Windows version for release 0.7.0 available Now with working translations and a true installer!
24 May 2010 13:11

Version 0.7.0 released Usability improvements and more
24 May 2010 03:47

Repacked Windows version with the last version of the liblqr library plugin is now faster thanks to the new engine
14 May 2009 00:42

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This site is about a GIMP plugin called Liquid Rescale.

It is a free, open source frontend to the Liquid Rescale Library, which provides an implementation of the Seam Carving algorithm as described in this paper by Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir.

The Seam Carving procedure aims at resizing pictures non uniformly while preserving their features, i.e. avoiding distortion of the important parts.
The plugin supports manual feature selection, and can also be used to remove portions of the picture in a consistent way.
Since version 0.6 it also supports real-time interactive scaling.

The latest version is 0.7.2, released on Aug 5th, 2013.
It requires GIMP 2.8 or newer.

Go to the examples pageGo to the download page

After installation, you will find it under the Layer menu in GIMP.

This site is a Wiki, and it is always in need of improvement. Every contribution is welcome, all you need if you wish to help developing these pages is site membership.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License